Marcia – Dollar Store Success Story!


Paul – 13 Years and Still Going Strong!

I really liked the fact that it wasn’t a franchise situation. No one was going to come along and take part of my profits or tell me how to manage the business

Keith Willis


Thanks, thanks and thanks again. We really can’t express in words how thankful we are for all of you. We just want to say thanks for your patience, your kindness, your love and understanding, and most of all your support. We thank all of you and we pray that God will continue to bless your company so that in turn you can be a blessing to others. You’re the best!

Marcus and Patricia Harris



First I would like to say thank you for helping me set up my store. Without you guys, I probably would not have been able to do it alone. I have so many good things to say to you guys, but you probably heard enough from all of the other store owners throughout the country that you have helped set up

Joe Saythavy

We are so pleased with Liberty personnel it’s hard to find the proper words to express our feelings. It’s our pleasure to talk to our friends about Liberty, how everyone treats you like gold

David and Clara Lee

Without Liberty Opportunities, our store would have NEVER opened as scheduled. The resources they introduced us to were lifesavers. It’s because of Liberty that we achieved our dream of being business owners

Tracy Jones, Jodi Friedel, and Mary Johnson

Being the sole owner of a small business is a large undertaking; however, thanks to Liberty Opportunities it can be made less stressful. The people at Liberty are always eager to assist in answering questions or offering advice when needed

Michele Sides

We have had a fourteen year association with Liberty Opportunities and they have always delivered more than they promised us

Art and Toni Rossi



Liberty Opportunities provided me with all the tools necessary to be very successful in my business

Alan Daigle

If it weren’t for Liberty Opportunities, I would not be open! They have helped me from day one. The support is never-ending. The greatest feeling in the world is unlocking your store in the morning thinking ‘Wow, I really own this!’ I would find it hard to work for someone else now, so I have good incentive to become very successful at this time. Within the next year or two my husband will come on board full-time also

Carol West

In a business like ours, it is nice to find someone who still seems to care about the small independent retailer. Achieving the dream of owning one’s own business can still be a reality, as long as there are companies like yours to offer the upfront support and continuing assistance needed by these entrepreneurs

T.J. Reid, author, professional speaker, and publisher.