1. Store owners will realize significant time savings from day one. For dollar store owners, ease of use is a must to ensure full productivity and minimal interruptions to daily operations. Our Point of Sale is designed to help you run a more efficient store from the start and includes one year of unlimited free support.
  2. You will replace manual, error-prone inventory and purchasing tasks with automation that helps save time and money, reduce shrinkage, and ensure efficient replenishment. Effortlessly track inventory, view real-time inventory status, and set reorder points and reorder levels.
  3. Purchase orders can be automatically generated from preset re-order levels and Inventory shipments can be received at the register or in the back office. Full and partial purchase order receipts can be added to your inventory with just a few clicks of the mouse. As a result, you’ll save time, reduce shrinkage, and make better decisions in ordering, buying, and pricing.
  4. The customer checkout experience is fast, smooth, and professional—increasing your store’s productivity and your customers’ satisfaction. Every transaction can reflect a professional, personalized identity, with your store and customer names displayed on screens and receipts.
  5. The Point of Sale system offers an accurate, real-time record of all sales transactions, inventory movement, returns, shrinkage reduction, credit card fraud, and discounts.
  6. An integrated time clock helps you track employee actions and hours at the POS for Payroll input.
  7. A Point of Sale is recommended by the National Retail Association for better business management.

Liberty Opportunities Inc. offers fully automated store sales management using an integrated Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Vendor and Customer tracking software system. This powerful, yet easy to use software automates most of the routine and repetitive tasks associated with normal day to day operations of your store functions.


The system is complemented with brand name POS equipment including Receipt printers, Cash drawers, Customer displays, Barcode scanners, Magnetic stripe readers and optional Label printers. Store systems can be configured for locations using from 1 to 10 users with Brand name computers. Other POS features include Integrated Credit card processing, Check Guarantee Program, Gift Card sales and tracking, Layaways, Employee Time card data entry, Barcode inventory printing, and End of Day/Month processes and reports. Optionally, the system will seamlessly integrate with A/R, A/P, Check Reconciliation, G/L and Payroll back office modules.

Call a representative at Liberty Opportunities for more information. Toll-free: 800-443-8407