Liberty Opportunities Dollar Store

Dollar Stores are one of the most exciting retail investment opportunities available today. Growing in popularity, Dollar Stores are finding successful homes in both upscale communities and in small rural towns. Because of Liberty’s worldwide store and Preferred Vendor Networks, Liberty Dollar Store owners are able to expand their product line to carry a variety of merchandise that costs more than $1.00 but is still a great buy.



Once again Liberty Opportunities, Inc. leads the way with a new concept in high quality bargain retail – The Dollar Store Plus – the magic and appeal of a dollar store plus variety store merchandise. Shoppers from all walks of life enjoy quality merchandise at bargain prices.

From $1 earrings to $20 kitchen appliances, Liberty’s vendors can help you stock your shelves with profitable, high-quality “discount” merchandise that will keep your customers coming back time and again.

The “something for everybody” store just got better. Talk to us about opening or expanding your Dollar Store to a Dollar Plus Variety Store today. Call 1-800-443-8407.